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Astrogarden has a large variety of plants that can be both bought and created. Plants are grown from seeds and are harvested after a set duration of growth. The activity of planting and harvesting both require one unit of energy. Plants can be grouped as follows: Standard, Hybrid, Prehistoric and Special Event.

  • Standard plants are bought from seeds in the store or received as a reward, a quick and easy source of income and serve as the backbone of many quests.
  • Hybrid plants require being researched in the lab and their seeds are also constructed in the labs. Hybrid plants typically yield higher amounts of gold per unit but may be more difficult to obtain given that they require ingredients to create seeds.
  • Prehistoric plants are similarly built in the lab and are unlocked for research upon unlocking the prehistoric area.
  • Special event plants are similar to the standard plants in that seeds are bought, however they are often only available for a limited duration and are parts of special event quests.


Similar to the plants in Astro Garden, there are a variety of animals that can be bought or created in the lab. The first ones that the player has access to are the regular animals whereas the astro-animals require researching and creating in the laboratory.

The amount of animals a player can have active in the game is controlled by the amount of animal sheds the player owns. These are buildings which are typically low cost to purchase the initial one but the price of each successive one increases dramatically which makes having high numbers of a given animal difficult. Animals require more player interaction than plants in that the player needs to feed each animal a set number of times before selling the animal for the maximum value.

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Astro Garden Facebook Gameplay Overview

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